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Meet our designer Sara


Sara Durner is the designer for Wilma and Trophy. With a background from the fashion industry, she strives to create mobile accessories where fashion and function go hand in hand. During a trip in the USA a few years ago, Sara met her future husband. Today she lives in the United States with her husband and child and works as designer for Shield Patrol.


Sara describes her creative process as old school. Because she likes to feel and work with the materials. In addition, she draws a lot by hand as well as cutting and gluing to get a real feel for the product. The design should be unique, but not crazy. It should be modern, practical and feel premium.


She creates the digital design file in Illustrator before sending it to any of Shield Patrol's two factories. One factory is in Kumla, Sweden and the other in Shenzhen, China. Both have Swedish management, which makes the cooperation easy and the end result will always turn out exactly as Sara and Shield Patrol want. The factories always print samples and send them to Sara, so that she can ensure quality of both materials and patterns.


"Thanks to all the digital platforms, it is easy and fun to work with Shield Patrol and Fashion Tekk. I could not wish for a better job, Sara says.”


How do you find inspiration for your designs?


"I follow inspiration sites that are so big and important that they determine all fashion of the world. In addition, I am often out in various stores and keep an eye on what is happening in the industry. It is also about listening to customers and friends to get their ideas and thoughts about the products. In the end, I decide what I believe in and what is actually commercial, Sara says."


The most fun about being a designer is to develop new models that inspire the users. Sara also has a special love for working with patterns. She describes her design style as minimalist and Scandinavian. Premium, but not mainstream.


When she designs, she thinks of famous people who are well-liked, but who have gone their own way. Mia Skäringer, Gwen Stefani, Angelina Jolie, Noomi Rapace, Johnny Depp, Christian Bale och Joel Kinnaman are all inspirations.


In conclusion, are mobile accessories really fashion?


"Yes, absolutely! Many have said that there is no fashion in this industry, but that is not true. Fashion exists in all industries. And I think mobile accessories will become more integrated with traditional fashion brands in the future. We will see more and more mobile accessories on the catwalk in the future, which is super cool!"



5 fashion questions


1. What mobile case do you use yourself?

I change the case every day for variation, but also to check the quality and function. I like to have credit card pockets on the back, but personally I always have a wallet because cash is still king here in the United States.


2. What education do you have?

I have studied Textile economics in Borås, Sweden and also at London collage and fashion.


3. What is the most fun thing about your job?

Designing new models that inspire everyone who uses our products.


4. Why are you working for Shield Patrol and Fashion Tekk?

I like to be a part of and develop a new brand where the products will become an obvious part of your other fashion accessories.


5. What future do you see in ten years? 

I think we will have a big office here in the United States then. And I will be one of many designers with different competences who creates products for different markets.