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Trophy is all about lifestyle and completing your look. To be fashionable without overdue it or too much effort. It’s supposed to be easy and fun. It’s about quality, genuineness and good design. 


Take pride in your lifestyle. It’s not the way you live, it’s your way of life. It’s premium, handcrafted, functional and design. It’s tailored for and together with you. It’s Trophy.


Trophy values genuineness and authenticity. The leather that we work with for our premium collection is distressed to create a look and feel of vintage leather.
It’s genuine high quality cow leather. It has a beautiful patina right from the start but will be getting even nicer with use. With this collection, everything is premium.

Think of a big ranch in the middle of nowhere, where cowboys need extra durable materials to be able to complete their work. Where handcrafted and top of the line is the only way to go.
Now think of a busy businessman rushing downtown during peak hours, who has a hard time finding the time but who is always conscious and want to look his best. Combine them both and you will have the vision of Trophy.

The vintage styled collections has a better price point but will still give you that trendy, premium and authentic look.
It’s made from high quality PU with a vintage finish. The best part about PU compared to real leather is not only the price but also all the different color options.