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Iphone 6/6S/7 Copter Complete Exoglass / NANO-GTECH sticker

Compter Complete protects the front and the back as well as the inside of your precious device. Keeps the heat down, preserves battey, make it last longer!

iPhone 6/6S/7/8 Copter Screenprotector

Made of a unique material of the highest wear resistance. The material was initially developed as a part of a military project in order to protect the rotor blades of helicopters and has now been adapted to protect your portable electronic appliances

iPhone 6/6s/7/8 Copter Exoglass

Made of glass, strong as steel. When the sensation of true glass counts the most.

Wilma Embossed Slim Wallet Beige iPhone 7 Plus & 8 Plus

Handgjord mobilplånbok i ett dekorativt blommigt präglat konstläder, med en insida av ett mjukt mikrofibertyg med polka dot-mönster.

Wilma Leather Case - Snake Bright Pink iPhone 6/6S, 7 & 8

Handgjort mobilskal i genuint läder med ett fängslande och vågat djurskinnsmönster samt praktiskt utfällbart stöd.

Wilma Polka Dot Case Black iPhone 6/6S, 7 & 8

Handgjort modernt polka dot-mobilskal med ett praktiskt utfällbart stöd.