Fri frakt & Snabba leveranser

Wilma Be You is a Swedish brand. From the idea of the design to the finished product. This is unique in our business. And in this way, we can create the best products to the best prices for you to enjoy. Everyday. Wilma is a brand where design, quality and practicality meet.


Fashion trends highly influence what we wear and buy today. Nowadays you can find fashion in just about any business, no matter if it’s apparel or accessories, the design of your logo, your employee’s workwear, the packaging of your product or even the style of your office.

While creating Wilma we wanted to take this to the next level. High fashion products but that at a same time should be timeless, commercial and practical and have something that the market is missing today.

Wilma of Sweden is a mobile accessories brand that, from a fashion point of view, create products to make your life easier, more fun and more practical. Wilma is edgy and reflects lifestyle, attitudes and individuality.

Wilma is a brand where design, quality and practicality meet. It’s a fast-pasted lifestyle brand and the products are handcrafted and fashion forward with premium quality and innovated designs.

Today, it’s important to have a voice and that everybody have the right to that voice. It’s important to stand up for each other and that you are good as you are no matter who you are and where you come from.

Wilma is a brand created for all the different beautiful women out there who are not afraid to stand up for themselves, who knows the importance of compassion and the importance of being who you are.